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as often mentioned in my writings, i consider myself a thoroughly introverted person. that’s how i’ve always been, and if i had my way, that’s how it would stay forever. someone who prefers a secluded life between books and numbers. but this life wouldn’t be called life if it wasn’t responsible for the best stories. […]

Fortress Europe – rien ne va plus?

Who is still surprised about the development of Europe? This confederation of states that enacted restrictive regulations that could fill entire libraries. One does not ask oneself what is already regulated in the EU, but which unregulated free spaces remain at all. It goes over usage, production and designation up to a subsidy politics of […]

Jesus was a Volcel

In order to make this article understandable, I have to go a little further. Because today’s topic has more to do with life planning than one would expect at first glance. We are all confronted with the topic of life planning sooner or later, and for some people, e.g. those who have a career option […]

The day my father died

And then my father passed away. The very person to whom I owe everything that I am. The person whose knowledge I have absorbed like a sponge up to and including today. The person who was not only my father and my superior, but also my best friend. I stand at the window and watch […]

superposing silouhettes

let’s assume that man in his natural form is the original. the environment interpreted by man and the images created from it are nothing more than a superposed silhouette. like two foils on top of each other, mankind and its view of itself were congruent at first, and in the course of millennia became more […]

hunt for the zest of live

the striving for creative power, for inspiration, muse, eureka or a good idea is like the hunt for the fleeing light: it is the attempt to grasp something intangible in order to hold on to it – just for a moment – so that its energy can flow over to you. energy from which something […]

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