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Month: May 2021

superposing silouhettes

let’s assume that man in his natural form is the original. the environment interpreted by man and the images created from it are nothing more than a superposed silhouette. like two foils on top of each other, mankind and its view of itself were congruent at first, and in the course of millennia became more […]

hunt for the zest of live

the striving for creative power, for inspiration, muse, eureka or a good idea is like the hunt for the fleeing light: it is the attempt to grasp something intangible in order to hold on to it – just for a moment – so that its energy can flow over to you. energy from which something […]

Smurf Ray Shooters

Life is often about doing the right thing and avoiding the wrong thing. Part of life is therefore about continually weighing decisions, making those decisions, and building decision-making processes. these decisions can be made consciously or unconsciously and sometimes, unfortunately, the decision is not ours to make and we still have to deal with the […]

Epitome of Introversion

I have lived a secluded life since I can remember and I love it with all my heart. For me, being alone is something I need like the air I breathe, something most people don’t understand, as many are always anxious to surround themselves with as many other people as possible. as an introvert, i […]


It could happen that you feel affected by my statements. I would be sorry for that. But I give here my conviction and expert knowledge, to announce without any political correctness to take into account, to have or to want. Also there are no reports or opinions sponsored by advertisements with me. Im still free […]

Flap Contest

The picture shows an antediluvian world characterized by fire-breathing volcanoes, horizon-spanning jungles and isolated clearings where dinosaurs feast on water holes. numerous rocky plateaus crisscross the landscape like majestic towers, where primeval birds like to build their nests on the barren, sometimes steeply sloping hillsides. three small primeval bird-kids are standing at the edge of […]

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