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Rise of the Fuelmaster


Once upon a time there was a little boy who had a dream. This dream accompanied him from his earliest childhood days. This dream was about creating something special, something unique. At first the dream was diffuse, as if in a fog, then over the years it slowly took shape. Actually, the little boy did not care about the nature of the dream, the main thing was that it was something big and otherwise extraordinary. Through this view, the dream changed and grew with him as the boy himself grew into a man. During his childhood the dream had a childlike face, during the boy’s youth the dream wore a youthful face, and as an adult the dream was adorned with the face of an adult. Like the little boy, his dream went through numerous phases and took on different forms, the man’s dream was no longer identical to the dream of the little boy, and yet it was the same.

the little boy knew early on that it would take more than just dreaming a dream. tangible facts had to be created and this little boy was exactly the type to do that, he was always the first to create new projects. this little boy was always ready to use time wisely instead of wasting it senselessly, and most of the time it was about pushing his dream forward. the other boys didn’t like it and he got many bloody noses as he ran again and again into invisible glass panes that separated him from the rest of the kids.

even more, the little boy was consistently laughed at and made fun of. the other boys simply didn’t understand his motives and were somehow also jealous of his creativity and drive. in addition, all the boys already knew about their place in society, even before the little boy was aware of his role in the game of life. this gave him years of humiliation and he had trouble developing under these circumstances.

but he never let go of his dream, and his creativity and drive did not suffer. on the contrary, it drove him to pursue his projects with even more ambition, knowing that it would mean a lot of hard work and a lot of sacrifice. and in this respect, too, he was different from the others. when faced with a challenge, most guys would probably turn it down, preferring to continue with their normal (and rather lazy) lifestyles. who likes to take on extra responsibility when the fridge is full and life goes on as usual?

but this boy has always been different and remained true to himself and his dream. and over all the years, he fueled his dream with ambition and the will to create something lasting. because if he was already different, he now wanted to stand out even more from the other boys. and when the opportunity presented itself, he stood up and thankfully accepted the challenge.

And so the little boy matured into a grown man, his dream always in his luggage. this man still dreams his dream today, even if in a different way. today, however, no one dares to make fun of this man, people treat him with decency and respect.

this is the story of a man who did not let himself be diverted from his path through life. a man who goes further than others to achieve what he expects from life. and the results prove him right after all.

I am that man.

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