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The picture shows an antediluvian world characterized by fire-breathing volcanoes, horizon-spanning jungles and isolated clearings where dinosaurs feast on water holes. numerous rocky plateaus crisscross the landscape like majestic towers, where primeval birds like to build their nests on the barren, sometimes steeply sloping hillsides.

three small primeval bird-kids are standing at the edge of such a plateau, like pilgrims on a table mountain. the excited young birds are about to complete their first race today, a big step for the small feathered friends and the excitement is truly visible to them.

they stretched their wings and fluttered wildly, while excited chirping accompanied their run-up. when oikhan and pjotr reached the edge of the mesa, they spread their little wings wide open and jumped off the plateau in one leap. only to be picked up shortly afterwards by the warm air current and carried away into the evening sky.

tojstor, on the other hand, took an extra run-up and fluttered his wings wildly, but somehow missed the right one and instead plunged down from the edge of the mesa into the depths like a wet sack. the other two could literally hear him fall, excited chirping accompanying his crash.

pjotr and oikhan briefly considered rushing to the aid of their fallen friend, but changed their minds – the race was finally in full swing. the two spread their wings wide to take in as much of the lift as possible and take the lead of the pack.

when the two flight students finally arrived on the opposite plateau after an exhausting journey, they naturally wondered if they were the first. and everything looked very much like it, because after all, none of the other primeval birds had overtaken them during the flight.

had it not been for the crashed tojstor, sitting relaxed on the ledge of the mesa next to a bowl of tropical fruits and coconut milk, visibly enjoying himself.

“How on earth did you do that?” asked oikhan and pjotr at the same time.

tojstor answered – after taking another sip of coconut milk: “well, i just took a shortcut!”

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