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hunt for the zest of live


the striving for creative power, for inspiration, muse, eureka or a good idea is like the hunt for the fleeing light: it is the attempt to grasp something intangible in order to hold on to it – just for a moment – so that its energy can flow over to you. energy from which something can be created that we humans call art.

this process is like catching dreams and is impossible and yet worth striving for. i dare to say that there were and are only a few people on this planet who were able to achieve exactly that. these people had the gift (or the luck?) to be able to capture a dream for a short moment and to be able to craft something out of it. to grasp for a brief moment a small piece of the texture that makes up the fabric of our universe. and that split second of an instant was enough to write, paint, compose or otherwise create some of the greatest works of humanity.

it’s like the hunt for the meaning of life: futile yet worthwhile. you’ll never make it, but some days you’re closer than others.

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