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Flap Contest

The picture shows an antediluvian world characterized by fire-breathing volcanoes, horizon-spanning jungles and isolated clearings where dinosaurs feast on water holes. numerous rocky plateaus crisscross the landscape like majestic towers, where primeval birds like to build their nests on the barren, sometimes steeply sloping hillsides. three small primeval bird-kids are standing at the edge of […]

Rise of the Fuelmaster

Once upon a time there was a little boy who had a dream. This dream accompanied him from his earliest childhood days. This dream was about creating something special, something unique. At first the dream was diffuse, as if in a fog, then over the years it slowly took shape. Actually, the little boy did […]

How to grow balls (with style)

Little Timmy has always been a shy boy, and although he came from a good home, he was not particularly highly regarded at school, nor did he have many friends. Timmy was shy, which then as now is considered a weakness, and in addition, he was always the weakest, the slowest and therefore the last. […]

The Blaumilch Canal

The Blaumilch Canal is a 1969 Israeli comedy satire written and directed by Ephraim Kishon, depicting the madness of buereaucracy through a municipality’s reaction to the actions of a lunatic. For me, this story is figuratively an equivalent to the events of our time. Blaumilch is a lunatic with a digging compulsion who escapes from […]

Roughnecks & Poultry

it was another one of those sun-drenched days on the high seas. the aged frigate already had come a long way and an even longer one ahead of her. on deck, an old roughneck was scrubbing the creaky planks with a mop, just like every day. salty and grim. just as a small cloud came […]

Shoa Shism

It wasn’t long ago that numerous war documentaries were on television. On almost every news and history channel, countless repetitions of documentaries, eyewitness accounts, post-war reporting and reappraisals of the Nazi era were shown. what all these films had in common was that they admonished us, reminded us, showed us what had happened and what […]

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